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Maxi Cosi Stroller Gloves - Essential Black

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SKU 210000044490

Keep your hands warm and cozy during that long stroll with your little one with the Maxi-Cosi Stroller Gloves. The interior of these baby stroller gloves is lined with soft Sherpa material, while the outside comes with weather-resistant material to keep your hands dry. Worried about these stroller gloves falling off? There’s no need for that, as they attach securely to the baby stroller whenever you’re on the go.

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Manufacture SKU: TS382FNA1PK

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
review f.m.
Great idea!

While it's spring in Maine right now and I haven't had the need to use this yet, I'm very impressed by the quality and warmth it provides. What a great idea! I look forward to using it in the fall when the weather starts getting chilly again!

review f.m.
Nice option for cold walks!

This is a non- necessity item for a stroller for going on walk when it's a little chilly out, but man did it make my life easier! I hate wearing gloves as trying to get a baby in and out and pick up dropped items and pacifiers and changing clothes is a pain. These stroller gloves allow me to not wear traditional gloves and when I'm cold, just slip my hands in and can take them out whenever without dealing with gloves. Never thought I would love a product like this, but I do! Great convenience item to the stroller. The only "downfall" is that they do get really warm and I find myself taking them out often (but I am a very warm blooded person).

review f.m.
So soft and warm!

this is great for cold weather, highly recommend. Keeps hands so warm and its very comfortable

review f.m.
Keeps my hands warm

These stroller gloves are super nice. They are a really cozy, warm material and do a great job of keeping my hands warm while on walks with the baby. I love that they stay on the stroller so I can easily pull my hands out to check my phone and then slip my hands right back in. They are super easy to snap on and off in case you need to wash them. Overall, a great product.

review f.m.
kept my hands warm

The hand pouches worked as advertised. No need to wear my gloves while taking a stroll on a cold day. The insides are soft and fluffy and the outer shell appears waterproof (did not test). Easy to hold the bar, can even adjust it without taking the hand pouches off. I have small hands for a guy and think those endowed with larger hands will not be able to enjoy this product. No need to wear gloves when using, which is definitely nice for attending to my son and taking pictures. EDIT - my wife just suggested we mount the handmuff on the kid's bar next year so he can keep his hands warm. He's too small for that this year, but it seems like a good idea. Was this the intention of the product the whole time? Have we been using it wrong? Now I feel pretty dumb.


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